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Starting 4Q 2020 BGTV will provide Streaming, Pay Per View, and On Demand programming via both Free and Subscriber based media platforms.


We serve...

  • Our Audiences targeting Entrepreneurial Women - with a focus on the Over 40 Set

  • Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Brands

  • Independent Film Makers, Show Runners, Directors, Producers and Entertainment Executives who need a Distribution Platform for their shows

Our mission is to inspire, educate and entertain by broadcasting mainstream stories from diverse populations. The types of shows we broadcast include news, business educational programming, interview and variety series, scripted comedies and dramatic series, documentaries, and theatrical made for tv films, for and about women, specifically with a focus on the entrepreneurial over 40 set.

the benefits

for our audiences

  • the defining characteristic that brands our shows and inspires ​our video club members is subject matter that features women who are accomplished on their own terms. 

  • we tell compelling, interesting, and emotionally charged stories that inspire viewers to take action and perhaps build businesses of their own.

for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and brands

  • we develop television programs and distribute these shows on our global streaming ROKU platform to effectively enhance messaging centered around business brands.

  • we provide production services for businesses should they want to create shows that are branded to their business interests within a space where they can compete globally.

  • we provide entrepreneurs with affordable marketing and advertising that helps businesses demonstrate their credibility within their particular niche or market.

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click the tv to submit a show development intake form to start the creation of your new television show - the ultimate exposure for your brand!  connect with us via email at

for film makers, show runners, directors, producers & entertainment executives

  • we provide a distribution platform for television content providers and filmmakers who create shows for and/or about women to reach audiences globally.

  • content providers and filmmakers can choose to earn royalties based on hours streamed by busygal video club subscribers and a revenue share from pay per view subscribers.

  • content providers' titles will be available through busygal video club on all supported devices and networks including ROKU, Z-TV Network, FireTV, The ReeWind Network, Chromecast, Comcast, BizVod, VEWD, phones, tablets, and Smart TVs.

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if you're seeking a distribution platform, this just maybe the thing for you!  click the tv to begin the process of getting your finished project a distribution outlet.  connect with us via email at

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